Company Overview

Company Overview

Company Overview

SARDAR BIO CHEM FERTILIZERS is a leading manufacturer of Mix micronutrient Liquid, & Soil application (Guj. Govt. Approval Grade) Nutrifert brand Mix Micronutrient, Ferrous Sulphate, Zinc Sulphate, Calcium Sulphate all products are Chelated Form, Organic Fertilizers, Bio Fertilizers, Soil Conditioner, Nutra Gold brand Water Soluble Fertilizers, Magnesium Sulphate, Fertil brand Sulphur 90 % WDG and Importer Ammonium Sulphate, & Technical grade UREA, (N.P.K. fertilizers 20 : 20 : 00 / 20 : 10 : 10 / 12 : 32 : 06 Mfg by Royal Fertichem Pvt. Ltd. Distributors All over Gujarat & Single Super phosphate Granulated & Powder Mfg by Khaitan Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. Distributors North Gujarat) Sardar Bio Chem. Fertilizers is established since 2015 by Ashok R. Patel. Sardar Bio Chem Fertilizers is a committed to manufactured and supply the products to the customer satisfaction, contributing to enhance economic growth of society truly maintaining quality standard at par to word . And is certified by An ISO Certified Company. “NUTRIFERT, RICH GOLD, NUTRI CHARG, NUTRI STEEM are four products registered brand trade by us.


“LEADERSHIP and ECO-FRIENDLY” in plant nutrition

We shall be committed to produce energy efficient, environment, friendly fertilizers that ensure sustainable, enhancement of crops yield and empower rural India by augmenting the farmer’s economic growth.


Sardar BioChem Fertilizer will strive for customer delight by Excellent in Quality Products / Performance / Processes / Cost and Relationship.

To help the nation grow the food it needs.

Sardar BioChem Fertilizer is in the business of serving the farming community with care and responsibility in India and beyond.Sardar BioChem Fertilizer will provide innovative solutions to improve farm output through high quality fertilizers and seeds inputs.Customers are valued, as much as we concerns on quality and Sardar BioChem Fertilizer will reach out to them through business associates, supported by quality extension service.